Los Angeles Films Itself: Archival Footage Produced by the City

When people think of Los Angeles and film, Hollywood immediately comes to mind. So many movies were shot in LA, not to mention television shows, music videos and commercials, that the city is one of the most widely recognizable places on earth. But the entertainment and advertising industries were not the only producers of visual […]

Examining American Urban Waterfalls – Overlooked Natural Wonders in our Midst

The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is particularly adroit at turning our attention to places that we never noticed or simply stopped seeing. A case in point – CLUI’s latest exhibition titled American Falls: Overlooking Urban Waterfalls.

Unforgetting LA #3 – Build a Better Online History of Art in Southern California

East of Borneo, an “online magazine of contemporary art, and its history, as considered from Los Angeles,” is hosting a Wikipedia edit-a-thon to build a better online history of art in Southern California. This third meetup in their Unforgetting L.A. edit-a-thon series will focus on the 30 years since MOCA’s inception—L.A. art of the 1980s, […]

SPUR Looks South to Learn From Los Angeles


It’s not often that one hears Bay Area residents expressing admiration for Los Angeles, let alone acknowledging that they can learn something from the nation’s second largest city. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that the theme of the August / September 2012 issue of The Urbanist was “Learning from Los Angeles.”

Cause for Optimism | Cause for Concern: Examining LA’s Future


Three recent articles published by The Atlantic’s online site Cities: Place Matters provide differing perspectives on the future of greater Los Angeles. While the news is not all good, what’s clear is that some progress is being made to address the region’s looming environmental problems. Now, if only all the planning and good intentions can become a reality.