Examining American Urban Waterfalls – Overlooked Natural Wonders in our Midst


The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is particularly adroit at turning our attention to places that we never noticed or simply stopped seeing. A case in point – CLUI’s latest exhibition titled American Falls: Overlooking Urban Waterfalls.

As the Center points out, while waterfalls were “…at the heart of the American pastoral industrial sublime,” many of them have been destroyed by human development as the nation grew in size and its population expanded. Despite this destruction, “a few specimens… remain in the middle of the urban and industrial nation that formed around them,
where they are still, slowly and resiliently, at work, eroding.”


High Falls, Rochester, New York. CLUI photo

This exhibition calls attention to those overlooked waterfalls and asks us to contemplate how and why they persist, the roles they played in the life of the community that grew up around them, and the ways they relate to and affect their contemporary surroundings.


When: Opening June 6, 2014 for an indeterminate time.

CLUI is open 12 to 5 PM Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays, and by appointment.
 Closed Christmas Day, and New Years Day.

Where: The Center for Land Use Interpretation, located at 
9331 Venice Blvd.
 Culver City, CA

Admission: Free!


  1. Awesome! If you’re interested in this, you may also find the Sacred Waterfalls film project interesting: http://www.mjwphoto.com/sw

    • mm Jim Gilbert says:

      Wow – that’s a very cool project Michael. Best of luck on the Kickstarter campaign.