The 5th Annual Edwardian Ball Los Angeles Returns to Hollywood


Longtime readers of the Curating Los Angeles blog will likely recall my previous posts about the Edwardian Ball, which returns to Los Angeles this weekend for the fifth time. A fantastical mashup of theater, circus, music, fashion and dance, the Edwardian Ball is a one of a kind event that celebrates the witty and macabre work of the late Edward Gorey, “…set in a playfully imagined “Edwardian” era.”

I’ve attended this event in Los Angeles and San Francisco and found it both captivating and highly entertaining (you can read my post about both events here). The costumes range from elegantly simple to grandiose and for me are a highlight of the ball.  If you love to dress up in costume, or watch others do the same, this event is for you.

This year, attendees will be treated to an original staging of Gorey’s “The Curious Sofa,” performed by co-hosts Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society. Published in 1961 under the pen name Ogdred Wear, this book is described by Maria Popova as “…a delightfully dark quasi-pornographic (that is, without actual nudity) quasi-horror (without actual blood and gore) ‘illustrated story about furniture’.” It will be fun to see how the creative minds of Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society depict this story on stage.

In addition to The Curious Sofa, you’ll find lots to keep you entertained, nourished and well lubricated, including:

Delachaux | Shakti Bliss | The John Bros. Piano Company | The Gentlemen Callers | BellHop | The Klown | Dark Garden Corsetry | Malvoye The Mentalist | SuperTall Paul’s Leisure Listening Lounge | MYSTIC MIDWAY | Shovelman | Diva Marisa | Our Famous Portrait Booth | Owl Tree Tarot | Rooftop Vendor Bazaar & Midway Gaming | Gorey-fied Art & Installations | Ballroom Dancing | Absinthe Bar featuring La Clandestine Absinthe | 
Dinner menu by The Blue Palms Brewhouse


When: Saturday, February 8, 2014

Where: The Fonda Theatre, located at 6126 Hollywood Blvd. Hollywood, CA 90028

Tickets: $45-75, all ages. Available online here

More Information:
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