Curating Los Angeles Turns Six!


Since I no longer live in, or even near, the City of Los Angeles (see the About page for details), people often ask me why I continue to publish Curating Los Angeles (CLA). My answer is always the same: “I love LA and feel a special affinity to both the place and the people who call the city home.” This blog, and the associated CLA Facebook page and Twitter feed, enable me to stay connected to the city and continue to share what makes it special with visitors and locals alike.

Thank you for supporting me over the years with your comments, feedback and encouragement. It wouldn’t be the same without the Curating LA community.

About that painting….

On a recent visit to the Petersen Automotive Museum, I came upon a group of paintings called Autopia created by Harry B. Chandler – yes that Chandler. This one is titled Hollywood 101 x Harbor / Arroyo Seco Parkway 110 (2014). According to the documentation posted alongside these works, the Autopia series invites “…the viewer to reconsider the city’s familiar rivers of concrete and asphalt, which [Chandler] has superimposed on mythical landscapes that recall Southern California’s agrarian past.” I really like them and thought this particular painting was the perfect complement to this celebratory post.