One Guitar | One Week | One Song


In a world that seems to grow ever more complex by the day, it’s refreshing to come upon a simple idea that’s well executed and leads to a satisfying outcome. That’s precisely how I’d describe The Acoustic Guitar Project (AGP), “…a global music platform — and concert series — that inspires musicians to write an original song and record it live in one week.”

Founded by Dave Adams in 2012, the AGP originated in New York and has now spread to 43 cities around the world. Finbar O’Hanlon curated the latest Los Angeles installment and he selected the following LA-based musicians to participate: Arielle, Fren Asken, Kirsten Collins, and S.R.


Each of these musicians was given a week to write an original song, which they then recorded live in one take using a simple device provided by AGP. Since this is a solo acoustic venture, they were also provided a handmade cutaway guitar donated by Alhambra Guitars of Muro d’Alcoi, Spain. After each musician recorded their song, they signed the instrument and passed it along to the next musician. The four singer songwriters then performed their work before a live audience at Molly Malone’s on South Fairfax earlier this year.

Now that I’m following this annual event, I look forward to learning the makeup of the next group of local musicians and hope to make the live concert. Stay tuned…..