Make Some Sawdust This Summer


Creating furniture out of wood is highly satisfying. The process of cutting, joining, and sanding raw lumber and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, toy or other object employs a range of skills and fully engages your senses.

Unfortunately, many people don’t have the know how and / or equipment to undertake this fulfilling work. That’s where Off the Saw can help out. Founded by furniture maker Laura Zahn, Off the Saw is a collaborative wood shop, located in downtown Los Angeles, that provides a space for woodworkers to come “…together around quality tools and shared knowledge.” The organization also offers classes to the public.


If learning from the pros and using quality machinery sounds appealing, check out this stellar line-up of summer woodworking workshops. There’s something for everyone.


When: See above dates

Where: Off the Saw, located at 407 E Pico Blvd 10th Floor Los Angeles, CA

Cost: Varies by workshop. Follow links above.

Note: Returning students get a 10% discount on all classes. Email for the discount code.

Learn more:
Visit the Off the Saw web site.