“It’s Jim’s World … We Just Live In It” at the IFF

Stories of people working on the fringes of mainstream science have always intrigued me. Often self-taught and working alone, these individuals usually don’t fit the classic image of the formally educated scientist employed by high tech labs and well-known academic institutions that most of us have come to accept as normal. And yet, these citizen-, outsider-, amateur-scientists have been around for decades, exploring a wide variety of serious questions.

One such person is James Carter, an outsider physicist who is the subject of a documentary film called It’s Jim’s World … We Just Live In It,” by Margaret Wertheim, Director of The Institute for Figuring (IFF), and Cameron Allan. The IFF describes the film as “a phantasmagorical portrait” of an idiosyncratic man that “…is at once intimate and cosmic.” If this sounds as interesting to you as it does to me, I highly recommend you catch this film tonight. Details follow.

Smoke ring sequence from the film “Its Jim’s World … We Just Live In It.” Photography and music by Cameron Allan. Smoke rings illustrate James Carter’s ideas about the fundamental structure of matter.


When: Thursday, October 11, 2012 at 7:30pm

Jim Carter will be present for a post-screening discussion with the audience. A reception will follow.

Where: The Institute For Figuring
, located at 990 N. Hill St #180
 Los Angeles, CA 90012

Cost: Free to the public

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