ProjectFresh Presents: A Discussion on Government 2.0


Whether at the federal, state or local level of government, policy makers are struggling to address myriad challenges, including soaring deficits, global warming, terrorism, skyrocketing health care costs and poor performing schools, just to name a few. At the same time, new and emerging technologies, such as social media, mobile technologies, web and cloud computing hold out the promise for government to become an open platform that enables individuals to engage more fully in political debate and decision-making, leading to innovative solutions that can evolve over time through continual dialogue and coordination of collective action.

These technologies are often referred to collectively as Government 2.0 and as Mark Drapeau succinctly put it, Government 2.0 has the potential to transform “government for the people” to “government with the people.”

If you want to explore the push for Government 2.0, this ProjectFresh Presents event is for you. Following the discussion, the group will collectively try to come up with post event action.

Participants will explore such questions as:

  • How did our government come to be, how has it worked, and what challenges does it face?
  • What are some of the threats we face going forward? How / why does it need upgrading?
  • How can technology be leveraged to improve the shortcomings?
  • What does the future of good Government 2.0 look like?
  • Who are the Government 2.0 trailblazers and how are they achieving their goals?
  • How do we assess the effectiveness of Government 2.0 initiatives?


MODERATOR: Douglas Campbell / ProjectFresh, Mindshare LA, Syyn Labs


Alan Silberberg / Founder, CEO at Silberberg Innovations & Founder at Gov 2.0 LA

Kurt Daradics / Co-Founder at CitySourced

Chrstine Outram / Director at City Innovation Group & Research Associate Senseable City Lab at MIT


When: Wednesday, February 9th

Doors open at 7 p.m. | Program begins at ~8 p.m. | Rooftop Drinks & Discussion Afterwards

Where: Downtown Independent Theater 251 S Main St 
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Cost:  $10 (online reg. includes a complimentary beer / wine / soda ticket)

A food truck on the premises from 6:45pm.

Tickets: Register online

More Information:

* This is an all ages event *