What’s Happening at Automata this Saturday?

Ever heard of Automata? If not, take note, because this important non-profit arts organization curates a wide range of programs that “seek to radically redefine and re-contextualize the notion of object performance, locating it at the intersection of contemporary performance, media, visual art, sound art and experimental writing.”

Radar L.A. Festival 2013

Once again the Los Angeles theater scene heats up with the return of Radar L.A., an international festival of contemporary theater presented by REDCAT and CalArts in association with Center Theatre Group. Performing ensembles from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand and Japan will join local groups from Los Angeles to explore new forms and […]

Edwardian Ball Los Angeles – New Date and New Venue Announced


In case you missed the January 16th update to my first post about the 2012 Edwardian Ball Los Angeles, the event had to be postponed because the original venue, The Music Box in Hollywood, unexpectedly closed. While it was unclear for a brief time when and where the Ball would take place, I’m pleased to report that the event’s producers have regrouped and everything is back on track. Read their update below for all the latest details.

Pacific Standard Time: Telling the Story of Art in LA, 1945-1980


As LA Times Art Critic Christopher Knight pointed out in a recent article, “…retrospective knowledge [of the early years of post-World War II art in Los Angeles] is broad but shallow, a surface barely scratched.” Recognizing the dearth of knowledge and understanding of this formative period in the city’s cultural development, the Getty Foundation and the Getty Research Institute set out to uncover, document and reclaim the historical record of art in Southern California.

String Theory Live with Special Guest David Poe


Each week I receive dozens of press releases and emails about upcoming events around the Los Angeles area. Many of these happenings sound enticing, but it’s the rare event that truly captures my attention and stands out from the crowd. The upcoming performance of String Theory at the Ford Amphitheatre is one that jumped out at me.

RADAR L.A. – An International Festival of Contemporary Theater


Summer is the time of year when Hollywood releases many of its big budget movies. The weather heats up and so does the box office – at least that’s the idea. But what about the local theater scene?

This summer, theater lovers in Los Angeles have a lot to get excited about. One of the upcoming events that recently caught my attention is RADAR L.A., an international festival of contemporary theater produced by REDCAT in collaboration with Center Theatre Group and The Public Theater’s Under the Radar Festival (New York).

Get Ready for a Gorey Night Out – The Edwardian Ball is Coming Back to Los Angeles


For those Edward Gorey admirers out there, here is an event that is sure to please. Billed as “an elegant and whimsical celebration of art, music, theatre, fashion, technology, circus, and the beloved creations of the late, great author [and illustrator] Edward Gorey” (1925-2000), the Edwardian Ball is coming to Los Angeles this weekend for only the second time.