North East Trees Hosts 2014 Earth Day Fest

Los Angeles abounds with organizations dedicated to improving life in the city’s many neighborhoods. One such group is North East Trees (NET), a grassroots, community-based environmental non-profit that designs and builds parks that “…provide passive recreation opportunities and serve as gateways to bike paths, pedestrian and equestrian trails.”

Explore Downtown LA’s Historic Core on Foot

The Historic Downtown Los Angeles Business Improvement District (BID) has released a mini-pamphlet titled “Walk the Historic Core,” which introduces pedestrians to many of the area’s highlights. Developed by local artists Ari Simon and Phoebe Unterman, the booklet is intended to help downtown residents and visitors alike discover the neighborhood’s restaurants, retail establishments, and galleries, […]

The 626 Night Market Returns for a Second Year

If you like Asian food, shopping and music, this is the event for you. For the second year in a row the 626 Night Market brings the energy, spirit and excitement of the Asian night market scene to greater Los Angeles.

13th Annual LA River Ride

  Imagine a completely car-free bike highway running right through the middle of Los Angeles, from Canoga Park to Long Beach. That vision is already becoming a reality and significant segments of the LA River Bikeway exist today, but there is more work to do before all 51 miles of this exciting project are completed.

Urban Beekeeping: Discover the Buzz about Bees!

My two boys recently learned about beekeeping at school. Now they’re trying to convince me and my wife to take the plunge and start producing honey in our backyard. While the idea is intriguing, we don’t know the first thing about tending hives and harvesting honey. So I was very excited to learn that the Los […]

L.A. River Bike-In Movie Theater Kickstarter Campaign

When people think of revitalizing the LA River, using it as a venue for movie screenings doesn’t usually come to mind. But that’s exactly the sort of activity the LA River Revitalization Corporation (LARRC) seeks to promote as it raises funds for a LA River Bike-In Movie Theater.

Lummis Day 7 – The Festival of Northeast Los Angeles

This weekend Northeast LA is celebrating its history and diverse culture with music, dance, and poetry at the 7th Annual Lummis Day Festival. Named after Charles Fletcher Lummis (1859–1928), who was the Los Angeles Times’ first city editor, founder of the Southwest Museum, prolific author and historic preservation activist, among other distinctions, the festival is a tribute to its namesake’s embrace of multicultural inclusiveness, appreciation of history and the arts.