Stopping Traffic With Art

The Billboard Creative’s (TBC) mission is very compelling – get new, interesting, innovative artwork of all mediums in front of lots of people for considerably less cost to the artist than traditional fee-based programs and competitions. How do they do that? By providing artists a massive public venue to display their work and exposing the […]

Getting to Know Heath Ceramics – A California Original

Like most people, I use an assortment of mass-produced products everyday, from the clothes I wear to the computer I’m typing on to write this article. While many of those goods function well and are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t feel as special as bespoke products or those made in limited runs by skilled craftspeople.

Kinetic Art LA – Convergence of Art and Technology

I’ve long been a fan of kinetic art, which as the name implies is art that incorporates movement. I was therefore very excited to learn about a new exhibition set to open at Arena 1 this weekend. The show is entitled Kinetic Show LA and it’s curated by art duo Wendy Marvel and Mark Arnon Rosen […]

Inspired by Natural Forms, Martin Pierce Crafts Decorative Hardware & Distinctive Furniture in Los Angeles

Late last year my wife and I undertook a major remodel of our kitchen and master bath. While we were at it, we also decided to upgrade a few other parts of the house, such as our guest bathroom. One goal for that room was to find unique pulls for a wall-mounted cabinet that would […]

Los Angeles: More Than a Place for the Arts – A place for Arts Education

Periodically Curating Los Angeles publishes guest posts that highlight an interesting facet of life in greater LA. While they can focus on people, organizations, and places, among other subjects, what I look for is an article with a LA focus that engages me personally. Today I’m pleased to present an original piece written exclusively for Curating Los […]

Photographer Larry Sultan Retrospective Opens at LACMA

Later this week the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) presents the first retrospective of works by Larry Sultan (1946–2009), the highly influential California photographer. Titled Larry Sultan: Here and Home, the exhibition includes more than 200 photographs ranging from Sultan’s conceptual and collaborative works of the 1970s to his solo works made in later […]

What’s Happening at Automata this Saturday?

Ever heard of Automata? If not, take note, because this important non-profit arts organization curates a wide range of programs that “seek to radically redefine and re-contextualize the notion of object performance, locating it at the intersection of contemporary performance, media, visual art, sound art and experimental writing.”