Radar L.A. Festival 2013


Once again the Los Angeles theater scene heats up with the return of Radar L.A., an international festival of contemporary theater presented by REDCAT and CalArts in association with Center Theatre Group. Performing ensembles from Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Colombia, New Zealand and Japan will join local groups from Los Angeles to explore new forms and interdisciplinary approaches to the performing arts.

This year the festival includes 18 productions and numerous ancillary events. Here are just a few of the performances you can experience during this year’s Radar L.A.:


Basil Twist and Yumiko Tanaka

“Visionary puppeteer Basil Twist’s hypnotic collaboration with master musician Yumiko Tanaka is a stunning visual journey inspired by the multifold paper panels of Japanese dogugaeshi.”


CalArts Center for New Performance
Prometheus Bound
Los Angeles

“Featuring poet Joel Agee’s heartfelt and faithful new translation, Preston’s forceful Prometheus places the drama at the edge of civilization—and at the border between ritual and artistic expression—to explore injustice and man’s relationship to the eternal order of the cosmos.”


Manuel Orjuela
You Should Have Stayed Home, Morons

“Colombian director Manuel Orjuela crafts a theatrical journey that takes audiences to four separate locations in downtown Los Angeles for a surprising and immersive experience. Orjuela dives into the city with a site-responsive staging of this text by Rodrigo García, founder of the legendary Madrid-based company La Carnicería Teatro and one of Europe’s foremost and provocative playwrights.”


Gisèle Vienne, Johnathan Capdevielle, and Dennis Cooper
Los Angeles/France

“In a stark room, using only one actor and a few hand-puppets, director Gisèle Vienne creates a harrowing staging of the novel Jerk by Dennis Cooper, once deemed “the most dangerous writer in America.” Told from the perspective of David Brooks, one of Texas serial killer Dean Corll’s young accomplices, Jerk descends into the minds of those responsible for the brutal torture, rape and killing of more than 25 teenage boys in the early 1970s.”


Lemi Ponifasio/MAU
Stones In Her Mouth
New Zealand

“Renowned theater artist Lemi Ponifasio and his New Zealand-based company MAU construct sublimely forceful works that resonate with vivid images and the dynamic interplay of darkness and light. The company brings life to the historic Palace Theatre with Stones In Her Mouth, which introduces a ten-member ensemble of Maori women who articulate a powerful and undisguised challenge—voiced through the Maori language, genealogy, spirituality and ceremony.”


When: Tuesday, September 24 to Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Where: A variety of venues around Los Angeles. See a complete list here.

Tickets: Available online

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