Cantor Fine Art is Throwing a Tactile Art Show

Art found in museums and galleries is typically there to be viewed, not touched. That’s what makes the show, Please Touch the Art, so unusual. It’s an exhibition specifically designed to invite tactile interaction with art, thereby encouraging … [Continue reading]

Living with Drought – A California Town Struggles to Survive

While Angelenos have become accustomed to taking shorter showers, limiting the amount of water used to irrigate their yards and forgoing home car washes, the city’s residents and those of surrounding communities have had it relatively easy compared … [Continue reading]

Make Some Sawdust This Summer

Creating furniture out of wood is highly satisfying. The process of cutting, joining, and sanding raw lumber and turning it into an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, toy or other object employs a range of skills and fully engages your … [Continue reading]

Los Angeles Films Itself: Archival Footage Produced by the City

When people think of Los Angeles and film, Hollywood immediately comes to mind. So many movies were shot in LA, not to mention television shows, music videos and commercials, that the city is one of the most widely recognizable places on earth. But … [Continue reading]

Tour the Historic Capitol Records Studios in Hollywood 

When I learned that Capitol Studios planned to celebrate its 60th anniversary by hosting tours of its historic facility, I immediately purchased a ticket. After all, this was my chance to get inside one of the most iconic mid-century modern buildings … [Continue reading]

Make a Personal Statement with a Self-Designed Wearable Button

Promotional buttons have a long history in the United States. They’ve been used in political campaigns, as promotional tools for organizations and causes, and as a means to deliver some other personal statement or message. … [Continue reading]

Cutting Deep in Los Angeles – A Woodcutter’s Story

As members of the Curating Los Angeles (CLA) community know, I am very interested in the arts and regularly use CLA’s blog, Facebook page and Twitter account to promote the work of local artists who I admire, share news of arts related events and … [Continue reading]