Los Angeles City Planning Needs to Focus on Place, Not Movement

Periodically Curating Los Angeles publishes guest posts that highlight an interesting facet of life in greater Los Angeles. While they can focus on people, organizations, or places, among other subjects, what I look for is an article with a L.A. focus that engages me personally. Today I’m pleased to present an original piece written by my friend […]

Next Up: LA River

This Saturday Archinect and the A+D Museum team up to present a live podcasting event focused on the Los Angeles River’s future. Dubbed Next Up: LA River, the event is designed to build on the robust public dialogue and debate surrounding the River that is engaging the general public in increasing numbers.

Transportation in Los Angeles – Looking Ahead, Looking Back

As recently reported in the Los Angeles Times, the Los Angeles City Council voted 12-2 on Tuesday to approve “…a sweeping transportation plan that calls for the addition of hundreds of miles of new bicycle lanes, bus-only lanes and other road redesigns over the next 20 years.” The primary objectives of this initiative, dubbed Mobility […]

L.A. Conservancy Offers Rare Glimpse into Historic Garden Apartments

The “mansionization” of Los Angeles and other southland communities has frustrated and angered many residents over the years, as new, large homes replace smaller ones on modest lots, blocking light and views and towering over their neighbors. There was a time in the not too distant past, however, when L.A. saw a completely different type […]

Get involved in the Union Station Master Plan


In 2011 Metro purchased the iconic Union Station in downtown Los Angeles, a beautiful structure that combines Spanish Colonial, Mission Revival and Art Deco styles. Partially designed by John Parkinson and Donald Parkinson, the station was built by the Union Pacific, Southern Pacific, and Santa Fe railroads in the late 1930s at a cost of $11 million and became known as the last of the great stations in America.

SPUR Looks South to Learn From Los Angeles


It’s not often that one hears Bay Area residents expressing admiration for Los Angeles, let alone acknowledging that they can learn something from the nation’s second largest city. So it was a pleasant surprise to see that the theme of the August / September 2012 issue of The Urbanist was “Learning from Los Angeles.”

Show Your Pride in LA with a CityFabric Los Angeles Tee


Ever since I learned about CityFabric, I’ve been intrigued by its mission and products. This Raleigh, North Carolina based company was founded on the principle that when people can easily communicate to others where they live and can tell a story about that place, they are more likely “…to get involved in the decisions that determine the direction of their city.”