Renato D’Agostin Photographs Los Angeles and Mines the City’s Collective Memory

There are different ways to represent, and share one’s impressions of, a place. Photographers use light to define their subject as they see it, while writers use words to describe, explain and tell stories about particular settings. In a recently published book called Archaeologies: LA, Italian photographer Renato D’Agostin and CalArts urban historian Norman Klein […]

Living with Art at the Weisman Estate

While I love spending time in museums and galleries, one of my favorite places to experience art is in a private home. It’s there I not only encounter individual pieces of creative expression, but a highly personal context for the collected works. That context can imbue the art with additional meaning, as can the way in which […]

Freeway City, The Story of Gardena, CA is Now Online

Although I grew up in Los Angeles and have explored many parts of LA County, I have to admit I knew little about the City of Gardena. So when I received an email from filmmaker Max Votolato promoting his new documentary about this South Bay city, my curiosity was piqued.

FlipKey Names Curating LA a Top 12 Los Angeles-based Blog

As the publisher of Curating Los Angeles, I am very honored to have been named a “Top 12 Los Angeles-based Blogger” by FlipKey, a TripAdvisor company that helps people find vacation rentals around the world. Check out their list! Jim Gilbert

Why LA? Pourquoi Paris? – A Book Review

When the publisher of Why LA? Pourquoi Paris?: An Artistic Pairing of Two Iconic Cities contacted me to ask whether I’d like to review the book, I was intrigued. It’s not often those two cities are compared side-by-side and I was very interested to see how the author, Diane Ratican, along with illustrators Eric Giriat […]

Edwardian Ball Los Angeles — Gettin’ Gorey with it


It’s not often I attend the same event in different cities, but that’s exactly what I did earlier this year. In January, I transformed myself into an Edwardian cowboy of sorts and participated in the Edwardian World’s Faire and the Edwardian Ball, held on consecutive nights at the Regency Ballroom in San Francisco. The following month, I donned my costume again and took part in the Edwardian Ball Los Angeles, which combined many elements of the two Bay Area events into a single night of fun, fashion, music, theater, dancing and more.

Deconstructing Perestroika


To mark the 20th anniversary of the USSR’s demise in 1991, the Wende Museum and Archive of the Cold War, in collaboration with the Craft and Folk Art Museum, have produced an exhibition of poster art titled “Deconstructing Perestroika: Soviet Ideology and its Discontents.” Comprised of 24 political posters produced in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the exhibit seeks to shed light on the ways in which some Soviet artists responded to the dramatic changes and upheaval of their society, as well as to the new found freedom of expression and insistence on transparency that were the hallmarks of Mikhail Gorbachev’s policies of Glasnost (openness) and Perestroika (re-structuring).