Bunker Hill Revisited & ANGEL’S FLIGHT

Downtown Los Angeles is in the midst of a rebirth that is rapidly transforming its varied districts. One of those neighborhoods is Bunker Hill, which today is associated with banks, office towers, and the landmarks and institutions that line Grand Avenue, including the Music Center’s Walt Disney Concert Hall and Center Theatre Group, the Museum […]

Exploring Los Angeles Through Photographs

  There are many ways to experience a city like Los Angeles. You can walk its streets and neighborhoods (my personal favorite mode of exploration), hop on a bus or train, bike the city’s streets, drive around in a car, read about it, and / or talk to people who live there. While each of […]

L.A. Conservancy Offers Rare Glimpse into Historic Garden Apartments

The “mansionization” of Los Angeles and other southland communities has frustrated and angered many residents over the years, as new, large homes replace smaller ones on modest lots, blocking light and views and towering over their neighbors. There was a time in the not too distant past, however, when L.A. saw a completely different type […]

Touring Historic Robinson Gardens in Beverly Hills

Robinson Gardens, a six and a half acre estate situated on a knoll behind the Beverly Hills Hotel, has been on my “Must See” list for many years. I just never seemed to get there – until two weeks ago. I’m pleased to report it was well worth the wait. My wife and 12-year-old son […]

Visiting the Los Angeles Police Museum

I first learned about the Los Angeles Police Museum from Joan Renner, a writer, lecturer, and social historian with expertise in the area of historic Los Angeles crime. I met Joan on Esotouric’s Eastside Babylon tour and during one of our conversations she mentioned her volunteer efforts at the museum to preserve LAPD history. Since […]

Examining American Urban Waterfalls – Overlooked Natural Wonders in our Midst

The Center for Land Use Interpretation (CLUI) is particularly adroit at turning our attention to places that we never noticed or simply stopped seeing. A case in point – CLUI’s latest exhibition titled American Falls: Overlooking Urban Waterfalls.

History, Food and Fun All Come Together at the 6th Annual L.A. Heritage Day

This weekend the L.A. Heritage Alliance and El Pueblo Historical Monument, in association with the El Pueblo Park Association (EPPA), will host the Sixth Annual L.A. Heritage Day, which promotes the history of Los Angeles and Southern California through tours, free museum access, children’s activities, presentations, food, and more. The event is made possible through […]