Foodprint LA at LACMA This Weekend


This weekend Foodprint Project returns to Los Angeles with its much-anticipated event, Foodprint LA. According to Nicola Twilley, co-founder of Foodprint Project, the event will “…explore the forces that have shaped the Angeleno foodscape and speculate on how to feed LA in the future.”

Cookbooks by LA Chefs


If you read my posts on a regular basis, you’ll know that I enjoy participating in local food tours and trying new restaurants whenever I have the chance. I also delight in cooking – although it’s not something I do very often.

Exploring East Los Angeles on the LA Latin Spice Tour


In March my wife and I ventured out in one of those rare southern California downpours to participate in the Old Pasadena Food Tasting Tour run by Melting Pot Tours. Despite the rain, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and looked forward to participating in another tour hosted by the same company. Little did I know an opportunity would present itself so soon.

The National Grilled Cheese Invitational Is Back!


If you’ve been following my posts throughout the week, you know that I’ve profiled several really great events happening around the LA area this weekend. One more I want to tell you about is the 2nd 8th Annual National Grilled Cheese Invitational (coming back for seconds?), where amateur and professional chefs compete side-by-side in a grilled cheese cook-off to become Grilled Cheese Champion.

Walk, Eat, Learn – Getting to Know Old Pasadena with Melting Pot Tours


Recently some friends recommended the Old Pasadena Food Tasting Tour run by Melting Pot Tours. Since I love eating and neighborhood exploration, I decided to purchase two tickets for the Sunday, March 20, tour so my wife and I could become better acquainted with an area that we’ve enjoyed visiting over the years but didn’t really know very well.

Woodspoon Before Lucha VaVoom


After several friends and I purchased tickets to see Lucha VaVoom’s Valentine’s Day show at the Mayan Theater (read my review here), we decided it made sense to start the evening with an early dinner. The question was, where to eat? As I considered various options, I had two primary objectives. First, to find someplace with good food that none of us had tried before and second, to select a restaurant that’s walking distance to the theater so we wouldn’t have to move our car. As you’ll see, I accomplished both objectives.

Good Eats in LA 2010

Although from time to time I may write up a restaurant that I enjoy, this site is not about food. That said, I do plan on sharing information concerning the local restaurant scene as critiqued by others whose opinions I value. One such local authority is Jonathan Gold, who writes for the LA Weekly. Recently, […]