Stopping Traffic With Art


The Billboard Creative’s (TBC) mission is very compelling – get new, interesting, innovative artwork of all mediums in front of lots of people for considerably less cost to the artist than traditional fee-based programs and competitions. How do they do that? By providing artists a massive public venue to display their work and exposing the pubic to great art by showcasing it on unused and remnant billboards.

Sound familiar? That’s because the LA-based non-profit, “…run by artists and art enthusiasts for artists and art enthusiasts,” turned this concept into reality last year when it “placed 15 contemporary artists’ works on billboards across Los Angeles.”

Now The Billboard Creative is at it again. The second incarnation of its wonderful public art show premiers today and will feature work by an impressive group of emerging and established artists, including Ed Ruscha, Jack Pierson, Andrew Bush, Shane Guffogg, Kim McCarty, and Panos Tsagaris, among others. You’ll find profiles of each participating artist here.

Curating TBC’s Q4 show is Mona Kuhn, an artist “…best known for her large-scale dreamlike images of the human form,” who also works as an independent scholar at the Getty Research Institute. Ms. Kuhn selected 33 works from a large pool of international submissions, which will be displayed at various intersections around the city over the next month.

Here are just a few of the pieces you’ll see on the streets of Los Angeles.


Painting by Chee-Keong Kung (2015). Viewable from: Dec 7, 2015 to Jan 3, 2016 – Billboard location: 3rd West of Cochran, South Side, Facing East – Los Angeles.


Photograph by Andrew Bush (2015). Viewable from: Dec 7, 2015 to Jan 3, 2016 – Billboard location: Fairfax North of 5th, West Side, Facing South – Hollywood, Los Angeles.


Drawing by Juan Miguel Marin (2015). Viewable from: Nov 30 to Dec 27, 2015 – Billboard location: Melrose East of Larchmont, South Side, Facing East – Los Angeles.

As you drive, walk, or bike around the city, keep an eye out for these original artworks. I also encourage you to download the mobile map for the show, which is integrated with the ArtMoi platform, a crowdsourced public art catalogue.


When: Each of the 33 artworks will remain on view for approximately one month. Check The Billboard Creative’s web site for exact dates.

Where: All around Los Angeles. Review the mobile app and TBC web site for more information.



  1. What a cool thing happening in LA!