Metro’s 2014 Bike Map Now Available


If you’re thinking about spending part of the Memorial Day weekend on your bicycle, you may want to take a look at Metro’s new 2014 Bike Map, released just a week or two ago for Bike Week LA. This new fold out map aggregates information from 88 cities and Los Angeles County and depicts Class 1 bike paths (separated from streets), Class 2 bike lanes (striped for one-way travel on streets or highways), and Class 3 bike routes (shared use facilities with motor vehicles). It also shows where cyclists can find path access points, Metro Rail lines, cycle tracks, busways and Metrolink stations, including those with bicycle parking.

What’s particularly exciting about this map is that is demonstrates the degree to which the local bikeway network has grown. According to Metro, “The updated map shows 305 miles of Class 1 bike paths, 835 miles of Class 2 bike lanes, 522 miles of Class 3 bike routes and a brand new cycle track in Temple City, [which] represents an increase of 17 percent or 240 total bikeway miles in just two years.” That’s progress. Now, if only Metro would make this available via smartphones and mapping applications such as Google Maps or Mapquest.


Find the new 2014 map online, at bicycle events throughout the year or submit an online request for a printed map.

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