Joe Frank is Back on the Air With a Special Episode of UnFictional for KCRW

Joe Frank, one of my favorite storytellers, is back on the radio today with a special show called ‘Dreamers,’ which he is producing for KCRW’s Independent Producer Project UnFictional. According to Frank, “‘Dreamers’ includes stories about a family’s tragic visit to Palestine, a man who attends a dinner party after learning he might be dying, and a contemplation of different perspectives on time.”

For those who read my review of Frank’s last live performance, which was held at The Village recording studio back in November 2010, you’ll recall how much I love his style, humor, insights into the human condition and ability to transport his audience on auditory adventures that captivate the imagination. UnFictional Producer Bob Carlson put it well when he said,  “Listening to one of his [Frank’s] stories is a mesmerizing and disorienting experience. If you’ve never heard one before, you’re in for a trip.” Tune in today for what is sure to be a memorable experience.


When: The episode airs live Today, Tuesday, July 24 at 2:30pm PST

Where: 89.9 FM (for Southern California) or The episode is also available to download, stream and podcast for non-Angelenos and for those who cannot tune in live here: