John Tierney Exhibition Coming to Paul Smith on Melrose

Earlier this year I published a story about English painter John Tierney, who makes regular visits to southern California and has a particular fascination with the City of Los Angeles and the area in and around Joshua Tree National Park. After interviewing him for my article and spending time looking at his paintings online, I became an admirer of his work because of the way he uses vivid colors and deftly captures light and shadow in his urban and desert landscapes. 

Now I’ll finally have an opportunity to view Tierney’s work in person when an exhibition of his paintings opens at the Paul Smith store on Melrose. If this seems like an unlikely location for an art show, one only needs to spend time on Tierney’s web site to understand the connection. There you’ll find around 12 works all depicting the Paul Smith store in LA. You’ll also learn, as I did when working on my story, that Tierney presented Paul Smith with a painting of the Melrose store and Smith was so taken with the piece he turned it into a women’s scarf sold exclusively at his LA shop.

I am attending the opening of the exhibition later this week and encourage you to catch the show while you can. To learn more about the artist, including his background, technique and choice of subjects, check out my January post titled John Tierney sees the Light in Los Angeles – And Paints.

Formosa Cafe, LA by John Tierney

Chateau Marmont (#2), LA by John Tierney


When: May 11 to May 27, 2012

Where: Paul Smith Shop
, located at 8221 Melrose Avenue 
Los Angeles

More Information:
Additional information about the exhibition can be found here at the Paul Smith site. 


  1. I was at the John Tierney exhibit at Paul Smith (on Melrose) this past Thursday, May 10. It was truly wonderful and meeting and speaking with the artist himself was a distinct pleasure. Go see it and also you'll have the opportunity of possibly being introduced to great merchandise at Paul Smith (and, no, I am not a Paul Smith employee – just a regular customer).