No, this isn’t a post about that classic David Bowie track, although it’s a great song. The title captures, in a single word, what my family has experienced this past summer.

Regular readers of my site have undoubtedly noticed that during the past two to three months the number of posts decreased significantly. The reason is that my family and I just moved from Irvine to Berkeley. Between packing, getting our house ready to rent, finding a house to lease, unpacking, updating records, finding new service providers and getting our two kids started at new schools, I’ve had little time to devote to Curating Los Angeles. 

Now I’m happy to report that life is settling down and we’re all getting back into a routine. For me, that means having time to work on this site, so you can expect to see things pick up on these pages in the coming weeks. I’m really excited about that and am ready to expand Curating Los Angeles as I mentioned in my last post, which celebrated the site’s one-year anniversary. 

Why did I move even further away from the city I love so much? There are a number of reasons, but it really comes down to two things: work and new opportunities.

On the work front, my wife is now an hour or two from her office, rather than a flight away. That proximity is already paying dividends.

With regards to new opportunities, our children are being exposed to a completely different social and political milieu and attending schools that are reenergizing their love of learning. As a family, we’re thoroughly enjoying the region’s highly diverse and very tasty culinary options, pedestrian and bike friendly neighborhoods and housing stock that is much more varied and visually interesting than Irvine’s. We’re also seeing a lot more of some very dear friends and family who live close by, which has helped make our transition so much easier.

Despite all these wonderful benefits, my heart remains in LA. Indeed, no matter where I’ve lived, that’s proven true. So even though I’m now in northern California, about 375 miles from my hometown, Curating Los Angeles will continue to grow and reflect my love for the City of Angels.