Happy New Year from Curating Los Angeles

Since launching Curating Los Angeles in September, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the process of building this online resource. In just a few short months, I’ve had the privilege of getting to know some fascinating local organizations, meeting others who are passionate about the city and enhancing life in southern California through their work and/or volunteerism, and then writing about these people and institutions so I can share what I’ve learned with you.

It’s also been fun (and challenging) to review an ever growing list of events and activities that are brought to my attention. Before presenting any of these on this site, I always ask myself whether I would want to spend my time and money participating in them. Only if the answer is yes will I consider writing a post and putting it online. I hope you were able to experience some of them for yourself and discovered something new to do, see, eat, listen to, etc. The city is full of incredible experiences and people for those willing to seek them out. 

I have many exciting plans for this site in 2011, and in the coming months look forward to expanding it further and continuing this exploration of Los Angeles with you.  

I wish you a healthy, happy and prosperous new year.


Jim Gilbert

Founder / Chief Curator

Curating Los Angeles