LA Artworld – Interview Magazine Takes Stock

In the December / January 2011 issue of Interview Magazine, Christopher Bollen posits that “some of the most provocative, potent art being created in the United States today isn’t coming out of New York City but clear across the continent in Los Angeles.” He then sets about proving his point by profiling a number of artists who make LA their home – some with long established international reputations such as Chris Burden and George Herms, and others who have more recently begun making a name for themselves, such as Zackary Drucker, Kaari Upson and Matt Chambers.

Bollen recognizes that a vibrant arts scene requires more that artists. As such, he intersperses profiles of collectors, gallery owners, museum directors and arts organizations amid his artist profiles, which helps round out the picture of the Los Angeles art world and strengthens his case that the city is drawing creative people from around the world, brimming with experimentation and nurturing a diverse range of artistic visions.

While only scratching the surface of the Los Angeles arts community, Bollen has compiled a very interesting piece that’s well worth a read. The complete set of profiles is available on Interview Magazine’s web site and is published under the title L.A. Artworld.