Curating Los Angeles Turns Six!


Since I no longer live in, or even near, the City of Los Angeles (see the About page for details), people often ask me why I continue to publish Curating Los Angeles (CLA). My answer is always the same: “I love LA and feel a special affinity to both the place and the people who call the city home.” This blog, and the associated CLA Facebook page and Twitter feed, enable me to stay connected to the city and continue to share what makes it special with visitors and locals alike. [Continue reading]

Renato D’Agostin Photographs Los Angeles and Mines the City’s Collective Memory


There are different ways to represent, and share one's impressions of, a place. Photographers use light to define their subject as they see it, while writers use words to describe, explain and tell stories about particular settings. In a recently … [Continue reading]

One Guitar | One Week | One Song


In a world that seems to grow ever more complex by the day, it’s refreshing to come upon a simple idea that’s well executed and leads to a satisfying outcome. That’s precisely how I’d describe The Acoustic Guitar Project (AGP), “…a global music … [Continue reading]

Living with Art at the Weisman Estate


While I love spending time in museums and galleries, one of my favorite places to experience art is in a private home. It’s there I not only encounter individual pieces of creative expression, but a highly personal context for the collected works. … [Continue reading]

Rock Day LA – Own a Piece of the 6th Street Viaduct


If you’ve been following the 6th Street Viaduct Replacement Project, you probably know that the old bridge is being demolished because a chemical process in the cement supports, known alkali silica reaction, has made the structure seismically … [Continue reading]

Cantor Fine Art is Throwing a Tactile Art Show


Art found in museums and galleries is typically there to be viewed, not touched. That’s what makes the show, Please Touch the Art, so unusual. It’s an exhibition specifically designed to invite tactile interaction with art, thereby encouraging … [Continue reading]

Living with Drought – A California Town Struggles to Survive


While Angelenos have become accustomed to taking shorter showers, limiting the amount of water used to irrigate their yards and forgoing home car washes, the city’s residents and those of surrounding communities have had it relatively easy compared … [Continue reading]